Here at Crucial Automatics we pride ourselves in having multi skilled staff. We can offer a high quality Automatic Gearbox service and repair, also a high quality Vehicle Service. We do not carry out dealership services but prefer our own more thorough service work. We can offer a small type service, which includes oil and filter change, and a general safety inspection. Or a large type service which, as well as an oil and filter change, includes spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter and a full brake clean and adjustments.

Unlike dealership services we are more than willing to carry out the type of service you want and modify the schedule to your requirements. Not only do you get to decide on the range of the work carried out but also you get to deal directly with the technician who does the work. Although we do not have MOT facilities we can arrange with many local MOT stations a Test for you.

We can read and clear fault codes for many vehicle system controllers such as Engine, ABS, AIR BAG, etc, With the complexity of modern vehicle electrical systems the reading of the fault is just the first part. We can then use this code to diagnose the fault and the repair on the the premises.

We pride our selves on a very good diagnostic and repair record on some systems that might be confusing to other technicians.

We have a small charge for initial diagnostic but if we carry out the remedial work, that diagnostic, we will do for free.

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