Crucial Automatics was established in 1988 and is well respected in the motor trade for our skills in the specialised field of automatic gearboxes in motor vehicles. Based in Titchfied in Hampshire for all that time. We often carry out automatic gearbox work for other garages as well as the general public. Whether that be diagnostic, service or overhaul we can cater for all aspects of Automatic Gearbox work. Our friendly staff and customer first attitude has enabled us to build up a sustainable customer base of satisfied customers.

Crucial Automatics has long been associated with the classic car field. The classic car automatic gearbox is a speciality of ours and we can cater for all early Borg Warner units as well as American and specific manufacturer units fitted in older collectables. We can build a concourse finish to your gearbox with zinc coated bolts and powder coated pan and brackets. This with aluminium paint finish results in a very presentable unit. On occasion we have been asked to detail engines and renovate whole classic cars as part of the job.

Although automatic gearboxes are our main field we also have the ability to do other vehicle diagnosis and servicing work. We can tune engines and carburettors on older vehicles or modified and bespoke vehicles. Classic engine overhauls are also within our skill range and we have done many examples of this.

We have a small two ramp two man workshop so you get to directly deal with the technician who is working on your vehicle and we aim to make visiting us a pleasant experience.

All our work is to a high standard of workmanship and we guarantee all our work.


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