Dear Crucial Automatics
Thank you for providing such a superb service, once again! My auto gearbox needed replacing and where many could not handle such a complex task on this model... you found a way! Not only did you cure my gearbox issues, you also spotted air pipes that were cracked. Fixing these has made a big improvement to the smooth and efficient running of the awesome 4.5 V8 Twin Turbo. Many thanks.
Sam C - Winchester

NetObjects Fusion 2015

Dear Crucial Automatics
Thanks for taking care of my rare and much loved TR8. Your attention to detail and deep technical knowledge, has resulted in one incredible engine rebuild, along with fully refurbished suspension. The car now runs so well after being in an all round ‘tired’ state. The full rebuild has resulted in a stunning car. Thanks again for superb job!
Greg - Colden Common

NetObjects Fusion 2015

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